iCensr: if you don't see it, it doesn't exist


iCensr is designed to be a simple, user friendly application, Unfortunately, sometimes it isn't. For those times, we have made this page with some basic tips and feedback sections. In case anything isn't 100% clear, read our users guide. If that doesn't clear things up, send us a bug report and we'll make sure that it won't be a problem in our next version.


  1. Welcome View: After opening iCensr and viewing the splash screen, users are presented with the welcome screen. From this, you can access the CAMERA to take a picture, open the device's photo ALBUM to access pictures stored on the device, or learn more ABOUT iCensr and the National Coalition Against Censorship. If you are using an iPod Touch you will not be able to access any camera functionality because the iPod Touch is not fitted with a camera
  2. Camera View: The camera is a standard sequence that Apple has implamented. Oner thing to remember while using it is that you must confirm you image before you can start editing it. Many a futile 30 seconds has been spent attempting to redact high-fructose corn syrup items from hotel vending machines before realizing that I still had to confirm the image.
  3. Album View: If you didn't select the camera than you probably are using the album. I don't quite see what problems you would have from this. Let me know if I'm wrong.
  4. Editor View: Use your finger to draw redaction lines. Lines stretch from where you put down you finger to where you lift it up. The next time you put down your finger, you start a new line. There is no undo. If there is enough of an outcry we may reconcider. If you don't like how it turned out, you can start over again but returning to the main screen.
  5. Share View: This is probably the most potentially confusing screen. You have three methods of distributing/saving your picture. If you select "ON" for "Send to Twitter" you are sending this image to Twitter. If you select "OFF" then you are not. The same can be said of sharing you image on the iCensr website and saving your picture to the album.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to send my redaction to a friend?

iCensr allows you to save your redactions to the album. You can then navigate to the album and email the redaction from there.

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